Alameda Hospital Tax

Alameda Hospital Tax
Hospital Doctor/Board Member Conflict of Interest

Alameda Hospital Doctor $1.2 million Waterfront Home

$1.2 million Waterfront Home of Alameda Hospital Board Member and Doctor (Google Maps)

At least one Alameda Hospital doctor – who is also a member of the Alameda Healthcare District Board of Trustees (the body that governs the parcel tax and hospital) – is desperate to maintain the status quo. He lives in a $1.2 million waterfront home overlooking the San Francisco Bay, leases office space from Alameda Hospital, and rakes in some $200,000 or more in contracts and other payments through his association with with Alameda Hospital. Do you want to keep paying the parcel tax to make this doctor richer?

Alameda Hospital Affiliation with Alameda Health System (formerly Alameda County Medical Center)
With the merger of Alameda Hospital into the Alameda Health System (formerly called Alameda County Medical Center), it’s time to repeal the $298 parcel tax levied on all Alameda property that goes to the local Alameda Health Care District.

Alameda Health System has over $500 million in revenue each year, including almost $100 million in sales tax revenue collected in Alameda County, including the city of Alameda, and operates at a profit. Alameda Health System operates Highland Hospital, Fairmont Hospital, the John George Psychiatric Hospital, and several East Bay wellness centers.

Alameda Health System has now taken over the “control, governance, operation, administration, financial management and maintenance of Alameda Hospital,” and with that, the $7 million in local parcel tax money. We’re at risk of an outside agency taking control of our local parcel tax money intended for operation of Alameda Hospital. We can’t be certain that the Alameda Health System Board of Trustees and Executives will always act in the best interest of Alameda residents, once they take our money.

Repealing a parcel tax requires only a majority vote at the ballot, and a low number of ballot signatures to qualify. It’s time to repeal this additional tax burden on Alameda residents.

Sell the Hospital
Just as Alameda Power’s failed cable TV and Internet division became an albatross around Alameda taxpayers’ necks, so too has Alameda Hospital. The 2002 parcel tax was billed as Alameda’s only hope to save the Hospital, and it’s obviously failed, costing taxpayers an estimated $80 milion in the interim. (Roughly $7 million per year for eleven years.)

It’s time to hang a ‘for sale’ sign on the hospital, and cut our losses as soon as possible, rather than letting the facility bleed taxpayers dry. The Alameda Health Care district should find a buyer for the hospital who will trim it down to operate as an Emergency/Acute Care facility only.

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