Measure K1 Will Tax Your Kids’ Mobile Phones

With Measure K1, you will end up paying more for every mobile phone in your family – including your children’s phones.

Unable to properly balance a budget, or tackle the growing public pension problem, city officials are raising taxes with Measure K1 – they’ve clearly stated they want to raise an additional $1.7 million per year by expanding the utility tax.

The tax rate won’t change, but the number of things taxed will increase, and the city’s goal is clear – raise more tax revenue. That’s a tax increase by any measure.

It will impact you and your family directly. A family of four, with two parents, and two teenagers, all with mobile phones, will likely pay an additional $20 to $30 per month on tax, just on your phones.

And that doesn’t even count the expansion of the tax to favorite streaming services like Netflix or Amazon.

Save yourself some money, and tell city officials to stop balancing the budget on the backs of the local middle class.

Vote No on K1.

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