Save Our City! Alameda to Campaign Against School Measure


Alameda, CA – Save Our City! Alameda, a grassroots Alameda group, along with a number of concerned individuals, announced this week they will actively campaign against Measure I, the latest Alameda Unified School District tax measure.

The school district put a $63 million tax bond measure on the ballot in 2004, which ballooned to three times the amount voters approved.

Then, in 2005, the district increased a parcel tax put on the ballot in 2001.

In 2008, the district put Measure H on the ballot, which passed, but was then found by the courts to be, in part, illegal, costing the district millions of dollars.

In 2011, the school district tried to remedy their mistake with another parcel tax, and they are already talking about the next parcel tax when that expires.

Now, in 2014, they want voters to give them a “hall pass” with another $180 million tax bond measure, which will effectively double what people pay for the 2004 bonds, in addition to the parcel tax.

“Alameda residents are tapped out – they have no more money to give. Alameda families are being crushed by this growing ‘student debt’,” said David Howard, treasurer, Save Our City! Alameda. “The school district clearly cannot afford to maintain 17 campuses. This is proven by the fact that not even this superbond can fund all the improvements identified by the Facilities Master Plan.”

Howard challenged voters to read the ballot measure and identify how much money is earmarked for their neighborhood school. “You won’t find it,” he said, “as the measure does not commit in advance how the money will be spent. Instead, it leaves it to project-by-project votes by the board. Voters should vote No on I and send the district back to the drawing board.”

Alameda voters will consider Measure I in the November 4th general election.

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Save Our City! Alameda is a grassroots organization that advocates responsible growth and responsible governance within Alameda.

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