Alameda Mayor Gilmore’s “Hang ’em high!” Letter on Arson Suspects

With news breaking that Alameda police have dropped all charges against Stephen Petersen – whose friends and family have adamantly supported as innocent – for the Park Street arson fires late last month, it’s even more clear that Mayor Marie Gilmore’s “Hang ’em high!” letter to the District Attorney was nothing but a craven act of political theater at the expense of an innocent man, and the arson victims (several families) themselves.

Compounding matters, it appears that an Alameda firefighter – the local firefighters union have been big boosters of Marie Gilmore, Jim Oddie, Stewart Chen and Measure I – had mis-identified Stephen Petersen as a suspect, when it turns out he was in fact shopping at Safeway at 2:20 a.m., the time of the one of the fires he was accused of setting.

That Gilmore should have rushed to publish such a ridiculous letter – did she send a letter to the District Attorney urging prosecution of Lena Tam for allegations of misconduct in 2010? – shows that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself, and the firefighters union whose members boost the campaigns of her and her cronies. The District Attorney needs no urging to prosecute a crime like arson.

This is just one more reason to throw Marie Gilmore out of office on Tuesday.

Vote SPENCER for Mayor!

Vote No on I!