The Alameda Inner Ring

Read here to learn who’s inside the Alameda Inner Ring – a collection of politicians, hacks and carpet-baggers who collude to amass power for the sake of power, to the detriment of the residents of Alameda. Referring to this list regularly will help you understand the agendas and motivations that lie behind the letters and statements you read in the newspapers, and pronouncements at city council and school board meetings.

Rob Bonta – your local state assembly representative.
Jim Oddie – City councilmember and district director for Rob Bonta.
Jeff DelBono – local firefighter union president, romantic partner to Gray Harris. Principal behind Alamedans United…
Frank Matarrese – City councilmember. Backtracked on campaign platform, observed palling around with DelBono and Oddie.
Gray Harris – Alameda school board trustee, romantic partner to Jeff DelBono.
Solana Henneberry – Alameda school board, spouse of Mike Henneberry.
Malia Vella – the firefighter union stooge running for city council for 2016.
Mike McMahon – former Alameda school board, desperate to get back on. So desperate, he’s running for auditor.

Marie Gilmore – one-term Mayor.
John Knox White – planning board member. Appointed by Marie Gilmore.
Lauren Do – plays the house organ for the inner ring via her caustic blog.
Mike Henneberry – ex-planning board member. Spouse of Solana Henneberry. Appointed by Marie Gilmore.
David Burton – planning board member. Appointed by Marie Gilmore. Endorses Marilyn Ashcraft.
Lorre Zuppan – planning board member.

Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft – City councilmember.
Stewart Chen – former city councilmember.

Kate Quick – Alameda League of Women Voters.

Appaerently no longer welcome in the inner ring…
Lena Tam – former city councilmember. Running for city council in 2016, apparently without permission…

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