Will League of Women Voters Structure a Fair and Open Forum on School Tax Measure This Time?

Will the Alameda League of Women Voters structure a fair and open forum on Measure B1, the Alameda Unified School District parcel tax renewal measure, on the ballot this November?

Those who have been following will remember that in 2011, the League set up a forum that gave the school district 30 minutes of time to advocate for their measure, before a forum that heard from proponents and opponents of the tax.

The school district, which put the measure on the ballot, is, de facto, a proponent of the measure, so the upshot was that the League was setting up an unfair forum, one that gave proponents of the measure an additional 30 minutes to argue their case.

Alameda SOS, the proponent organization, couldn’t bear the thought of losing in the court of public opinion then, so they backed out of any forum. They didn’t want to discuss the measure on equal footing – only with an unfair advantage.

With the proponents back out again this time?

Will the League of Women Voters set up a biased forum again?

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