Alameda 2014 General Election Endorsements

For the 2014 Alameda General Election, we endorse the following positions and candidates.

AUSD Tax Bond Measure – Measure I
We urge you to vote No on I – no more student debt!

The school district still owes more than $170 million on the Measure C bonds from 2004, which were issued despite the objections of upstanding citizens who questioned the wisdom of issuing $63 million in bonds that translate into $176 million in debt obligations for Alameda families. The repayment plan for this outrageous ‘student loan’ runs into the year 2036! Today’s students will be re-paying this debt long after they graduate.

Rather than help Alameda students, each bond measure that AUSD asks for adds a crushing debt burden to their families, and to their future!

See the consolidated repayment schedule spreadsheet, showing the annual debt service that AUSD will have to fund, peaking at over $16 million in a single year.

Mayor of Alameda
We urge you to vote for Trish Spencer for Mayor. Trish has been a voice of reason the school board, and fought against land swaps that gave away valuable school district land in favor of developers and at the expense of Alameda children and taxpayers.

And, she’s not in bed with city labor groups, as Mayor Gilmore is!


Alameda City Council
Bullet vote! Strengthen your chance for change! You can vote for two, but vote for just one (bullet voting):

Frank Matarrese – The other two candidates are sure to perpetuate the developer-centric status quo in City Hall. Bullet vote for Frank to increase the chances of changing course.

Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees
Bullet vote! Strengthen your chance for change! You can vote for two, but vote for just one (bullet voting):

Gary Lym – It’s time for Mike McMahon to go (see below.) Bullet vote for Gary to increase the chances of changing course on the school board.

It’s time for Mike McMahon to go…he’s done too much damage to Alameda schools and children in his multiple terms… For example, Mike McMahon approved the Measure C bonds, which have ballooned from $63 million in debt to $176 million.

Alameda Health Care District
Lynn Bratchett, Tracy Jensen, along with newcomer Jim Meyers bring new life to the board – vote for them. Dr. Robert Deutsch, who works at Alameda Hospital, which is overseen by the Health Care District, also leases office space from the Hospital. Dr. Deutsch has too many conflicts of interest to sit on the board as well.

BART Board
Vote for Rob RABURN. His opponent supports giving away public land to private developers, and supported SunCal’s plan to build thousands upon thousands of new homes in Alameda, which would make you late for work in the morning, with all the traffic.

Alameda County Transportation Tax Measure BB
Reject the doubling of the transportation tax to 1/2 of a percent to one full percentage point, and an extension for 30 years. This is too excessive.

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