Measure I Does Not Commit to Fixing Alameda High School

Measure I does not commit to fixing historic Alameda High School.

The “implementation plan” that the school district likes to talk about, which set a price tag for fixing Alameda High School is not what voters will be voting on. That implementation plan is not part of the ballot measure and there is nothing to compel the school district to act on that implementation plan.

Proponents of the 25-year, $180 million tax bond say that critics offer “no solutions.”

Yet, the school district has ignored calls from Alameda residents to combine Alameda High School with Encinal High School to save costs, and to mend the East-West divide in Alameda.

Instead, the school district put language in the ballot measure that says that no money will be spent on Alameda High School until there is a “community discussion” about the idea to combine the high schools.

“Community discussion” ?! What does that mean, exactly? Is that one public meeting? Two public meetings? What? This is the problem with the entire tax measure – too vague, and ill-defined.

What the district is really saying is this: “Give us your hard-earned money in advance, before we can talk about cutting costs and spending less of your money.”

The public discussion about combining Alameda High School and Encinal should come before any votes on a tax measure.

Tell the district to get it right – Vote No on I

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