Committee to Revitalize our School, Yes on Measure I, Files Campaign Statements Late

10-14-14 Update: In the past few days, Committee to Revitalize our School, Yes on Measure I, has reported another $11,000 in campaign contributions from three trade unions, none of whom are based in Alameda, but whom presumably expect to profit at Alameda taxpayer’s expense should Measure I pass. The unions are based in Dublin, Oakland and San Ramon, California. Contributions from natural Alameda constituents are down to around 11% of the total contributions to the campaign.

The City Clerk for the City of Alameda confirmed today (Oct. 13th) that the Yes on Measure I committee, Committee to Revitalize our School [sic] filed their interim campaign finance statements at City Hall only today, October 13th, seven days past the October 6th filing deadline.

Presumably they did this to file after absentee ballots began arriving over the weekend, to hide the fact that of $8,500 in campaign contributions received between July 1st and September 30th, not one penny came from Alameda sources.

According to the filing, the committee has raised $16,614.14 in total this year, but no supporting filings for that additional money are available on the City of Alameda’s website.

The $8,500 in the current reporting period came from Frost, Davis & Donnelly (Sacramento, CA), Construction & General Laborers Local Union (Sacramento, CA), Dannis Wollver Kelley (San Francisco, CA), Quattrocchi Kwok Architects, Inc. (Santa Rosa, CA), Orback Huff Suarez & Henderson LLP (Los Angeles, CA) and Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth (Newport Beach, CA)

Presumably these firms expect they will profit – at Alameda taxpayer’s expense – from Measure I passing and $180 million in bonds being issued. Certainly Quattrocchi Kwok Architects has already been receiving payments from the school district for architectural work.

Read the full filing, below. And remeber, Vote No on I

Committee to Revitalize Our School 460 10-13-14