We Challenge the League of Women Voters to Hold a Debate on Measure I

‘remember in 2011, when the Alameda League of Women Voters organized a sham forum on the school district’s latest parcel tax? The one where they invited the school district, proponents of the tax, to speak for 30 minutes, essentially advocating for their own tax measure, before holding an “each side gets to speak for 10 minutes” information forum with both the “No” and “Yes” sides?

Well, you can expect the League to try to pull the same stunt again this fall, with Measure I.

The Alameda League of Women Voters is not an honest broker of information. The organization is essentially an extension of Alameda City Hall and the school district.

So you can expect them again to schedule an “information forum” on Measure I in late September, and again give school district representatives time to advocate for their tax bond measure at the beginning of the forum, allowing proponents of the measure 40 minutes to speak and opponents merely 10 minutes.

This time, we challenge the League to hold an actual debate instead of a forum, with equal times for both sides. A debate with arguments for, arguments against, and rebuttals. The public is entitled to a serious debate about this $180 million tax measure that will run for 25 year.

Does the League have the guts to do it? Or will they continue to kowtow to their cronies in positions of power in Alameda?

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